Ceramics in practice | Ceramics in practice

Ceramics in practice


Clay... Soil and water, a primordial raw material... Simple, generously offered, available in nature and throughout time. Able to mold, transform, cage and give shape to dreams, fantasies, needs, beliefs and
doctrines. Once again regenerating and differentiating itself through time and space... It becomes a tool, a deity, a form of written speech, a home, a work of art… It can take any shape its creator desires… and rests afterwards, then once again recycles itself back into its initial pure form. 
At this ceramic workshop, we will discover together this ancient form of art through play and fun! Our fingers will be covered in clay and we will carve into it shapes and designs, while uncovering all its secrets. Together we will make the figures of Phoebe and Athina, the two siblings who represent team spirit, participation and fair play… our 2004 Olympic Games mascots, both inspired by gods - the first inspired by the god Apollo-Phoebe, god of sun and music, and the second by the goddess Athina, goddess of wisdom.
During our time together, we will also wander through history, via the statues, the figurines, the amphoras, the jewelry and the artifacts exhibited in the place, helping us learn about the Minoan, the Cycladic and the Mycenaean civilizations, as well as the Classical period. The activity's multiplex area combines the art gallery, with the museum and the clay workshop, all drawing from experiential learning… through direct contact with clay and with the guidance of official copies of ancient artifacts… This form of art causes admiration and excites the imagination… urging creativity and promoting initiative and teamwork.

Type of activity
Ceramics lesson in a workshop, combined with a visit to a museum of ancient copies.
Preparation of an item in the workshop and possibility of receiving it.
Custom, semi-private
Aimed at people 6 years and older (children are offered the customized activity)

45 minutes of actual activity

30 minutes to visit the exhibition area

The instructor
The special place for the workshop and the equipment
The materials for the activity

Not included
Transportation to and from the place of activity
Local escort

Starting hours
10:00 - earliest starting time
16:00 - latest starting time

From 20€ / person

Minimum number: 4 persons
Maximum: 40 people (or upon arrangement)

For a different number of participations, please contact us T. +30 27520 22100, E. travel@discovernafplio.gr

Greek, English

Meeting point
The place of activity, 17km from the city of Nafplio.
Transfer to and from your hotel and/or local escort are optional, at an additional cost.

Arrange with your close friends or bring here your friends visiting from abroad for tourism, to take part in an unforgettable activity of a ceramics class inspired from ancient Greek themes.
The activity is also offered as part of a corporate event /trip.
It is possible to combine the activity with a visit to a winery, or the Ceramics class to be combined with a tour of an archeological site in the area. Ask for information.

Cancellation policy
Accepted cancellations
4 days before, with full refund.

The activity takes place all year round. Bank / National holidays upon arrangement.
Next door you will find a playground, a café, Wi-Fi connection, washrooms that also
accommodate the physically impaired, and parking space.
The activity is semi-private and the space is Covid-Free.
There is accessibility for the disabled.
It is possible to be pre-agree the item-to-make with the instructor or to let your imagination create a unique object for you!